What is Be the Light?

The first question I always get from people is "What is Be the light?"  To me, Be the Light is a message, an important reminder, that I carry with me every day.  We all have the capacity to impact one another in a positive or negative way.  How full is your heart when you know you have impacted someone negatively?  And how full is your heart when you know you have impacted someone positively?  The answer is simple.  Be positive.  Create light.  You can see it in your eyes, your smile, the way you talk.  

Be the Light is about raising your awareness and making conscious decisions that affect you and the people around you.  It is amazing how we can always find light in a situation.  But we must practice.  Finding light is not always easy, and it is more challenging for some than others.  Bringing awareness back to the breath, the most basic yet powerful bodily function, has great benefits in allowing you to find light in a situation.  

Maintaining an attitude of gratitude is extremely important in being the light.  For if we focus on lack, that is what we will manifest.  If we shift our thoughts toward gratitude and abundance, this is what we manifest.

The message for Be the Light is quite simple. Be mindful, be inspired, do what makes your soul feel alive.  My hope is that people will realize how uplifting it is to be a positive influence in one's life.  There will always be hard times, love and loss; but it is within our power to decide how much negative space we allow these experiences to take up in our hearts.  We must give our bodies the time they need to heal from our wounds, and acknowledge that we are better people because of our experiences.  

Thus, being the light. 

xo Michelle