Have I ever told you that I want to change the world?

From a very young age I have felt a great responsibility to be the change I wish to see in the world.  Gandhi's quote resonated with me from the very first time I read it in high school- even though I wasn't quite sure what that "change" should be.  I've often wondered- "How can I do this?  How can I be the change?  What change?"  

At times the weight of the world is far too heavy for me to contemplate, and I find myself feeling discouraged and defeated.  But there is always a soft whisper reminding me that I have the ability to create an impact with my light.  That, in fact, what I do matters.  That I can create change- and it all starts from within.  

I cannot control what is happening around me, but I can look within and ask myself- "How am I showing love?  How am I serving others?  How am I choosing love over fear?"  By choosing to ask myself these questions, and make these conscious choices, I am in turn changing my world, and the world of those around me.  

Won't you join me on my journey, of being the change?  You have the ability to create an impact with your light!  

From the Heart

Many people have asked me what inspired Be the Light.  The truth is,  Be the Light came from a very dark place in my life.  Having unsuccessfully been trying to conceive for three years, I felt it was time for me to shift my focus, my life's purpose, to something else.  

For as long as I can remember, my biggest dream was to be a mother.  I didn't worry about what I wanted to be when I grew up because I knew I was going to be busy being a mother and my career would come second.  Becoming a school-teacher felt very natural to me, but I didn't see myself in the profession long before going off to raise my family.

So, when trying to conceive for one year came and went, I just reassured myself that this was common and next month we would be pregnant.  The months went by and I grew more unhappy as they went.  Jealousy, unfairness, envy, depression, resentment, were all feelings and thoughts I endured.  It was so hard for me to see other woman conceiving successfully, especially after just one try.  The stories about the women who weren't even trying hurt the most.  Why them and not me?

My life revolved around trying to conceive and that became my purpose.  I forgot how to laugh, how to have fun, and how to just be in the moment.  After staring at our empty "nursery" for two years I decided to turn the room into something that would inspire me.  Something that would make me feel whole instead of incomplete.  I began to turn the room into my art room, where I would learn about other ways I could create things with meaning.  Creating was something that brought me instant gratification and I was creating things that brought other people happiness as well.  I spent a lot of time reflecting and creating in that room, growing what came to be, Be the Light.  

The biggest challenge for me in these past four years has been recognizing that I am enough, just as I am.  To accept that life does not always work out as we have planned.  To be resilient enough to ride the waves, and to pick myself back up when I fall.  Through Be the Light I am hoping to create space for people to recognize their potential, accept their truths, and love themselves.  Believing wholeheartedly that you are enough.  

xo Michelle


What is Be the Light?

The first question I always get from people is "What is Be the light?"  To me, Be the Light is a message, an important reminder, that I carry with me every day.  We all have the capacity to impact one another in a positive or negative way.  How full is your heart when you know you have impacted someone negatively?  And how full is your heart when you know you have impacted someone positively?  The answer is simple.  Be positive.  Create light.  You can see it in your eyes, your smile, the way you talk.  

Be the Light is about raising your awareness and making conscious decisions that affect you and the people around you.  It is amazing how we can always find light in a situation.  But we must practice.  Finding light is not always easy, and it is more challenging for some than others.  Bringing awareness back to the breath, the most basic yet powerful bodily function, has great benefits in allowing you to find light in a situation.  

Maintaining an attitude of gratitude is extremely important in being the light.  For if we focus on lack, that is what we will manifest.  If we shift our thoughts toward gratitude and abundance, this is what we manifest.

The message for Be the Light is quite simple. Be mindful, be inspired, do what makes your soul feel alive.  My hope is that people will realize how uplifting it is to be a positive influence in one's life.  There will always be hard times, love and loss; but it is within our power to decide how much negative space we allow these experiences to take up in our hearts.  We must give our bodies the time they need to heal from our wounds, and acknowledge that we are better people because of our experiences.  

Thus, being the light. 

xo Michelle